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26 June 2014

Today the Dutch cabinet and lower house are discussing the justification of the spending of European tax money. The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden are the only European states that give total insight in the way they spend money from Brussels. As a statement some MPs want the Dutch to stop paying the yearly 7 billion Euro to the EU.

Yearly 130 billion Euro is spent in Europe, but 25 of the 28 member state do not justify the way they spend European funds. A Dutch MP: ‘It is partly our money, (…)and in a respectable democracy it is a fundamental  point of departure that the way tax money is spend is justified’.  He explains that the other member states do not want others to see how they spent European money. But random checks show that there is something wrong with almost 5% of the spending.


Because of the lack of clarity by most member states, The Netherlands is the only state that always refuses to okay the European budget justification. It is a view point that is regarded as totally useless, but the MPs state that the Dutch tax payers want to know where the money is going. They see it as a missed opportunity that countries Greece and Portugal were not forced to give total clarification of the spending, in the period they got serious financial support from Brussels. In 2016, when the Netherlands is chairman of the European Union, they get a new chance to try to change the system.  





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