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2 July 2014
Court corrects strict general pardon policy refugee children

The court in the Hague decided yesterday that the general pardon for refugee children cannot be implemented as strict as the Dutch government wants. The judge in charge stated that it is unjust to reject an asylum seeker because there was only registration on local level, but no contact with the national government.

Earlier this year hundreds of mayors argued that the pardon rules should become less rigid, so Dutchified children can stay.  Also the ombudsman for children also concluded that the actual regulations are ‘foolish’.


The verdict is a victory for the supports of a much less restrictive policy for asylum seekers children. For quite some refugees it often takes many years before it becomes clear if they will be able to receive a residence permit. Their children go to school and quickly learn the Dutch language and culture.


There are dreadful examples of such children being send back to a country like Afghanistan, while they do not even speak the language.  Defence for children, an organisation that fights for the rights of children, is very sad about the fact that there is not much more support in the Netherlands for refugee children that are rooted in Dutch society, but are threatened to be deported.     



Court rules against minister's strict view of child refugee amnesty





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