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1 July 2014
Dutch believe in world cup title is back

Because of the ongoing victory march of the orange football team in World Cup tournament in Brazil more and more Dutch start to believe in the chances to finally win the world cup football. In early June around 13% of the Dutch thought that their team would leave Brazil with the world cup, now 42% is convinced they will win.

Although the orange team won all their matches there is quite some critics about the ugly Dutch football style. Many miss the Dutch school type of football, where beautiful play is much more important than results. But for many it is already a surprise that the Dutch managed to get that far. Ex-Dutch team player and trainer Marco van Basten: ‘In top sport it is all about results. If the playing style is also beautiful is of minor importance.


Besides the discussion about the ugly style of playing, there is also a debate about Arjen Robben, the star of the Dutch team. Many experts are very impressed by the way Robben in playing, but also the easy way he fall to the ground faking a foul, and even admitting it, is seriously criticised.


According to Chelsea-manager José Mourinho, many fouls are committed against Robben  because he is so superfast. But he also agrees that Arjen Robben sometimes tries to take advantage of the situation. That is why Mourinho plea’s for using video images to fight faking on the pitch in the future.



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