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6 July 2014

One of the mayors that want to regulate cannabis cultivation in the Netherlands is criticising the Dutch State Secretary Martin van Rijn of the ministry of public health for his inactivity in the debate. Van Rijn leaves everything to the conservative and repressive ministry of justice. One of the mayors: ‘We created a criminal monster which undermines the constitutional state’.

In the Netherlands health plays an important role in the actual drugs legislation. Years ago they created a clear separation of soft and hard drugs on the bases that it is better for the public health. The mayors are convinced that also cannabis cultivation should be regulated because it is better for the national health situation.


The pro-regulation mayors think that criminality is democratised and that it is too easy now to start growing cannabis. A Dutch mayor: ‘If you have a room on the attic you can immediately start growing. It is actually stupid if you do not do it. Because of this more and more people get entangled in the web. We created a criminal monster that open out its tentacles in neighbourhoods and villages’.


The group of mayors is active with provoking a test trial about regulated cannabis cultivation. They are working on a detailed plan to set-up a cannabis plantation that has to supply all the coffee shops in the South. For this around 10.000 kilo of cannabis is needed  per year, which can be produced in a greenhouse with the sizes of three football pitches.    





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