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9 July 2014
Dutch charging station company for electric cars goes public

Today Fastned, a company that builds a nationwide network of fast-charging stations for electric cars in the Netherlands, is going public – and has chosen NPEX for its listing. Fastned aims to raise €. Million 40 to finance 200 fast-charging stations along the Dutch highways. At the moment Fastned only has 9 charging stations, but the number will  soon increase at the rate of two stations a week.

The price is twice as expensive as people pay at home, but the electricity is 100% green. Charging takes 20 minutes. On their internet site Fastned explains the future of the electric car as follows: 'Chicken of egg - if you cannot charge your battery, you will not be able to drive an electric car. As long as there are only a few fast-charging stations, a limited number of electric vehicles will be adopted and vice versa'.


With only a small number of electric vehicles, it is not viable to finance the needed infrastructure. Bart and Michiel, the founders of Fastned, identified a simple solution: 'cut through this problem and start by building enough fast-charging stations at the right locations along the highway throughout the Netherlands thereby increasing the overall attractiveness of electric transportation'.



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