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10 July 2014
Dutch research shows pesticides cause fast disappearance insects and birds in EU

It seems that agricultural pesticides are responsible for the collapse of the insect world in Europe. Now Dutch researchers found proof that also insect eating birds are disappearing rapidly in area's where these insecticide are used.

The researchers conclude: 'Populations of common insectivorous birds are declining in farmland areas with high levels of the neonicotinoid insecticide imidacloprid. This is shown by an analysis of detailed data on local bird population trends and environmental factors, which include imidacloprid concentrations in surface water'.


The use of the these agricultural pesticides also causes a serious decrease of the number of insects. According to the researchers the effect of these pesticides is frightening. Three months ago the Dutch Lower House asked the minister of agriculture to ban neonicotinoid insecticides, but she refused because of a lack of scientific proof. An article in Nature now 


The Dutch bird monitoring network is one of the world’s densest. 'We have sufficient data available on common birds species to analyse densities and trends in their numbers.' , says Ruud Foppen from the Sovon Centre for Field Ornithology, an organisation that organises and analyses bird counts.



Starlings and swallows disappear in areas with high levels of neonicotinoids

Declines in insectivorous birds associated with neonicotinoid concentrations





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