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15 July 2014
Dutch Senate: ministers have to take problems cannabis cultivation serious

The Justice commission of the Dutch Senate demands the ministers of Justice and Internal Affairs to stop ignoring mayors that want to start experiments with cannabis cultivation. By regulating cannabis cultivation the mayors want to keep the growers out of the hands of organised crime.  On the 9th of September the commission wants to hear what the ministers have done to solve the soft drugs policy problems.

The Justice commission complaints about the lack of interest for the problems and the plan from some of the mayors to start experiments with cannabis cultivation: ‘The plea that these mayors made did not lead to a different view on the matter’. The Senate wants the ministers to take the mayors serious: ‘The commission takes the view that it belongs to the decent administrative relations that the government listens to municipalities in the Netherlands’.


In October the Senate will deal with a new law proposal that will make all preliminary and promoting activities linked to cannabis cultivation punishable with a jail sentence up to three years. This concerns people and companies that supply goods or services and financing cannabis cultivation like grow shops, transport- and distribution companies, renters of hangars and sheds for growing, electricians and dealers in ready-made cupboards for illegal cultivation.


While Uruguay and the American state Colorado have fully legalised cannabis cultivation and sales, the forerunner in tolerant soft drugs policy is slowly but surely reversing the liberal approach. In the south of the Netherlands only Dutch residence are allowed to purchase soft drugs and in Amsterdam more and more coffee shops are closed down.


Over the last years also the clamp down on cannabis cultivation has been seriously intensified, but it does not seem to help much. Instead of looking for a pragmatic solution to regulate the enormous underground cannabis industry, the Dutch government now wants to implement even more restrictive legislation for the complete branch. In that case the cannabis producers will even go more underground.



Senators want minister's answers on marijuana supply issues







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