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16 July 2014
Dutch Court rules state liable over 300 Srebrenica victims

Today the court in The Hague decided that the Dutch state is responsible for the deportation of more than 300 Muslim men after the fall of Srebrenica on Jul 13, 1995. The court states that the Dutchbat, the Dutch UN peacekeeping force, should have known that the men were in danger. The state is liable for the suffered damage of the relatives.

During the deportation of the male population of Srebrenica , the Dutch soldiers found identity papers lying around, a clear signal that a massacre was taking place. Because Dutchbat had full authority over the fenced off UN compound, they should not have cooperated with the Bosnian Serb aggressor.


The judges stated that the Dutch state is responsible for the fall of enclave itself. Because air support never arrived Dutchbat could not offer enough protection. After the massacre the Dutch did fail to report the war crime to United Nations.


After the fall of Srebrenica more than 8000 Muslim men were brutally killed. For many victims the Dutch cannot be held responsible, because many men did not search for refuge in the Dutchbat compound, but fled into the surrounding forests.



Dutch court rules state shares blame for Srebrenica

Court: Dutch state is responsible for removal of 300 Srebrenica men





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