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29 July 2014
Experts still cannot reach the MH17 crash site

Also today it will not be possible for the Dutch and Australian experts to reach the crash site in the East of Ukraine. Due to fighting along the route to the site between seperatists and the army, it is far too dangerous in the area. Also the OVSE observers will not travel to the crash site today. Both organisations will give a press briefing later today. The Dutch Safety Board will publish a temorary MH17 crash report about the cause of the crash within a week.

The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf states this morning that the Dutch Safety Board will publish a temorary report about the cause of the crash within a week. A spokesperson said that the international team of researchers has made progress in mapping the cause of the MH17 crash and will come with results at the end of this week or early next week.

Also two other researches have been started in the Netherlands. The Dutch Safety Borad wants to find out how Mlaysian Airlines has done the risk assessment before the disaster flight, and which information sources they used. The board wants to answers to the questions who gave permission to fly over a war region and why other airliners avoided the area. They also want to find out why it took days befroe the passengers list was complete.



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