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12 September 2014
Pro- and anti IS demonstrations in the Hague on different locations

On Saturday September 20 The Hague will house several pro- and anti IS demonstrations on different locations. Because anti- and pro IS demonstrations in the migrant neighbourhood the Schilderswijk resulted in confrontations between the two sides, the mayor of The Hague decided to appoint different demonstration locations for each group.

The variety of protest groups is impressive. There are the anti-IS groups like Pro Patria (For the fatherland) that organised the March for Freedom in August, and similar groups like Proud of the Netherlands and the Dutch Defence League and some fanatic supporters of the local football club. And there are the pro-IS group the Muslim Defence League and the anti-fascist group Anti Fascist Action. And this is not all. There is also a frivolous protest called the Action group against Vertical video Syndrome that protest against people that make vertical instead of horizontal videos with their smart phones.


Some of the protest groups want to try to demonstrate in the Schilderswijk anyway, others always violate the law by covering their faces and by looking for ways to have a face-to-face confrontation with the other side. On Saturday September 20 every protest group will have their own demonstration location, but it is the question if the rules will be followed and if the groups will managed to stay where they are and where they have to be. Also Geert Wilders and the extreme right party Nederlandse Volksunie (Dutch Peoples Union) indicated they will join one of the protests.





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