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15 October 2014
Fish enters EU again through slightly opened IJsselmeer Dam

Since last year the lock gates of the IJsselmeer Dam are slightly opened to let fish like eels, salmon and trout into the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Because the results are very positive the lock gates will now even be opened on a daily basis. The Dutch are also creating other so-called fish crossings in the IJsselmeer Dam.

The opening of the IJsselmeer Dam is vital for fish, so for example the ultra-small Eels that were born in the Sargasso Sea and that swim six thousand kilometres to grow up in the fresh water of Europe.   Besides overfishing and poaching, especially the closed IJsselmeer Dam is the reason for the miserable eel stock in the Netherlands.


Also good swimmers like salmon and trout will be very much helped by the opening of the lock gates, so they can reach the upstream locations in the Rhine were they traditionally reproduce. During recent counts the net of the researchers was so full that they had to cut it lose because the net was too heavy to pull up. This week a new attempt will be made to count the vast number of fish passing through.





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