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22 October 2014
Origin Chocolate Event, where 'from bean to bar makers' meet

This coming Saturday October 25, the Origin Chocolate Event is organised at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. An event for the world’s most renowned chocolate makers and experts working with the best 100% sustainable chocolate. The event fits in a new trend of small scale specialised chocolate makers that work with the best quality organic cacao beans from small producers. They are so-called 'bean to bar makers' that keep the complete process in their own hand.

The Origin Chocolate Event offers a choice of different activities. For anyone who loves real chocolate it is an absolute must; special presentations, meetings, debates and of course tastings of culinary delights of top patissiers and chocolatiers, wine, beer, rum and food combinations with origin chocolate. Presentations, free tastings and master classes will be held simultaneous and there will be different booths selling chocolate, drinks and chocolate tapas. At the speakers table it will be possible to speak directly with the chocolate makers and experts.

'Origin Chocolate' is made from cacao beans from a specific region. It is a terroir product, in which the cacao species, the soil, the climate and the knowledge of cacao farmers determine the quality of the ingredient. The Origin Chocolate is made from the highest quality cacao beans, directly traded with farmers, which means their lives standards improve significantly, and through this it is the worlds’ best quality - highly sustainable – chocolate made with the finest production methods

On the Origin Chocolate site the organisation explains more about top chocolate: 'Many details determine the taste of good chocolate from great chocolate. Each cacao variety has its own flavour characteristics. The experience of the chocolate maker is crucial to make a good chocolate out of the beans. As with good wine, you can taste the terroir of the beans. This gives the chocolate an unique flavour. Because of relatively small production, the chain is transparent. Bean-to-bar makers buy cacao directly from farmers, which enable them to improve their living, unlike any mass-market chocolate.'



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