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21 October 2014

Two 'fundamental' cannabis growers from the northern Dutch province Groningen are sentenced for cultivating illegal cannabis but they will not be punished because the way they were working fits into the Dutch drugs toleration policy. The Dutch minister of Justice Opstelen is surprised, but does not want to change the policy.

The two fundamental growers cultivate cannabis for many years and have been convicted many times. To them the Dutch toleration policy is wrong and they want to change it. That is why the growers handle the illegal activity in a totally transparent way. They officially pay the high electricity bills and tax assessments, do the administration openly and supply to coffee shops that are approved by municipalities.


According to some politicians the judgement of the court is trail-blazing, and to them the actual policy to keep the cannabis cultivation illegal is not realistic anymore. Also many of the Dutch mayors already want to start cannabis cultivation experiments for quite some time. Many think the Dutch cannabis cultivation should be regulated, just like in Uruguay and some American states.





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