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8 October 2014

From 2015 the Dutch government will introduce the new ‘participation’ policy. The new legislation has the goal to find work for as many unemployed as possible and achieve a budget cut of €. 1,6 billion. Especially handicapped will get priority, but half of the employers do not want to give a so-called ‘guarantee job’ to handicapped. The social workplaces where most of the handicapped work now will be closed down anyway.

Although a lot is still unclear about the implementation of the new policy, insiders are happy that half of the employers are enthusiastic about and already promised to come up with thousands of guarantee jobs for handicapped. Although a lot is still unclear about the skills of the employees, about the functions that can be created and how to cope with privacy rules, most are positive about the effort that is made to give handicapped a real place and function in society.


Specialists are hired to promote the new legislation to the employers and to accompany the implementation. It is the plan to create 100.000 jobs for labour handicapped in the upcoming 12 years. One of the specialists: ‘Almost everybody can be mediated towards a job, but if a handicapped person or a company do not want it, we better forget about it. But the successful examples will communicate the plan and stimulate people and organisations’.


One of the examples is a woman who is death and looked for a job, but employers were quite shocked when she arrived with an interpreter. But now she found a job in a clothing store. A badge on her chest explains that she is death, that sometimes scares off clients. During personnel meetings an interpreter is needed, so the new way of working askes for efforts from both sides.


The Dutch government hopes that many companies want to become what they call an ‘inclusive organisation’ where a handicap does not play any role. It is clear that the new approach will need a lot of time and a lot of accompaniment to become successful. Some fear that the new participation policy will be a failure and that most handicapped will end up without a job, not even in a social workplace anymore because there will be all closed down.





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