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27 October 2014

According to a book from a Dutch journalist that will be published tomorrow, the truth behind the perpetrator that caused MH17 plane disaster in the east of Ukraine will never be revealed. The journalist concludes that the involved authorities, besides the Netherlands also Ukraine, Australia, Belgium and Malaysia, made a deal that they can all force to swear the others to secrecy.

Although officially Ukraine had to be the leading nation in the research after the cause, after secret meetings it was decided in the end that the Dutch got that responsibility. The deal the involved nations signed obliges complete exchange of all information and more importantly the possibility to force the others to keep facts secret. The journalist: ‘so if something comes out that Ukraine does not like, than the research will not continue. The Dutch government never said anything about this deal’.


To the journalist there is only one outcome possible: the separatists did it. Most of the Dutch think this is the case anyway. Also the media propagate this, what the journalist calls, ‘tunnel vision’. Also in the German weekly Der Spiegel an article appeared about satellite pictures that proof that the pro-Russian separatists were behind the crash of the plane. But the journalist does not understand why these pictures were never published.


To him the way the plane crash disaster is handled can be compared to previous similar types of attacks in which it has been impossible to find the offenders. ‘In the past sixty years airliners were shot down twenty times by military forces. In all twenty cases everything was settled outside the court. Parties were bought off. Also in cases where there was absolutely no doubt about the evidence, like in 2001, when Ukraine shot an passengers airplane out of the sky with a missile. The political interests always have won it from the  truth. This is the way it will happen again.’





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