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30 October 2014

While in the Netherlands employees in health-, elderly- and child care are fired, on the other side of the border there is a serious demand for these kind of functions. In the Dutch province of Drenthe the unemployment figure is 14%, while 30 km away in Germany the figure is only 28%. European cross-border cooperation offers many opportunities.

There are some hindrances that have stopped a lot of cross-border cooperation. One is the language and cultural barriers. For this courses in the German language and culture are given in the Netherlands. Educational institutes try to make Dutch students aware of the job and apprenticeship possibilities on the other side of the border in Germany.


Besides other practical barriers many of the Dutch students are reserved to cross the border and work in Germany. An insider: ‘there is a sort of glass wall between Germany and the Netherlands. We look at each other but we do not cross the border’. The Dutch should get out of their comfort zone. Now many young Spanish find a job in Germany, but they do not speak German, hate rain and often get home sick.


Caused by the crisis around 57 thousand employees that live in the Netherlands cross the border to work in Germany. But more coordination and information is needed. That why the German and the Dutch want to harmonise supply and demand. Besides that border information agencies will be set-up so commuters and future commuters can go somewhere to get advice.






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