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25 October 2014
Dedicated consumers stimulate revival small breweries

Even on markets that are dominated by large brewers, newcomers can find room in the market. As long as the consumers oppose the superpowers strongly. Steve Jobs had the opinion that consumers never come up with something new, but in the beer industry it is the consumers that takes initiative again. This is the result of research that was presented  at the Erasmus University yesterday.  

Around 1900 the Netherlands still had 500 independent brewers, and in 1980 only 13. But at the moment the Dutch have 250 independent breweries again.  This partly caused by organisations of dedicated beer drinkers, that started their resistance against the supremacy of the multinational breweries. Traditional breweries were saved by employees, historical beers were recreated and were launched again. Also many micro-breweries are started up by private people.  A true revival of the traditional local beers.





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