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31 October 2014
French world famous economist Piketty makes speech in Dutch parliament

On Wednesday November 5 the French economist Thomas Piketty will visit the Dutch parliament to give a speech about inequality possession and property. Piketty became world famous after he published his bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century', an attack at the super rich that often did not even had to work for their wealth. The French economist is invited by an Green Left MP to pay attention to the increase of inequality in the Western world.

Thomas Piketty warns for the increase of the gap between the rich and the poor. He claims that the rich will get richer and through this will build up an invulnerable position in society, since their capital yields 4 to 5 percent while the economic growth nowadays is very low and normally does not exceed 1,5%. Through this the gap between the rich that own capital and the ordinary mortal citizens without property seriously increases.


In the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf Piketty states that in spite the outrage from the Dutch left parties, the inequality is not the largest problem the Netherlands. But he warns for a possible American situation where the rich top layer of society has enormous  political influence.  Yesterday Dutch research shows that the Netherlands risk becoming a polarised society, because well-educated  and low-skilled are living more and more in separate worlds which leads to ‘feelings  of unease’.





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