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4 November 2014

From today the European Central Bank (ECB) takes over the final responsibility for the supervision over the large European banks from the national supervisors. It is expected that the ECB will be strict in checking if the European banks are complying with the rules. But others fear that the ECB will not have enough eye for risky behaviour of the banking managers. The Dutch Central Bank now knows everything about the Dutch banking managers, because they place psychologists in boardrooms of Dutch banks.

Over the last years the Dutch Central Bank (DCB) has been saving quite a few banks that ended up in financial problems partly caused by the risky and irresponsible behaviour of their top managers. Because of this the Dutch supervision on the bank management has changed. Since the crisis the DCB is more looking ahead. From only checking the figures, they now also analyse the culture in the Banks organisation and how people treat each other in the boardrooms. In other words they closely analyse the behaviour in the bank organisation.


For this the supervisor of the DCB has hired psychologists that join the meetings in the boardrooms of Dutch banks. If they discover dangerous and damaging behaviour the Dutch Central Bank can interfere. They can for example put someone in the board of a bank that does keep an close eye on risks. The ECB and many other Europeans have shown great interest in this new approach, but the supervision manager of the Dutch Central Bank is not sure if they will adopt this formula. In the end the ECB is  probably more interested in the figures.


The Dutch Central Bank is convinced about the working of the method, and will continue with the placement of psychologists in boardrooms of Dutch banks. They will also be active to convince other European states to also pay close attention to behaviour and culture of the management of their large banks.


Source: NPO Dutch News





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