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4 November 2014
Pro-Russian commander: ‘we had anti-aircraft artillery but did not shoot down MH17’

In an interview in the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant commander Aleksandr Chodakovski explains that the pro-Russian rebels in the east of Ukraine did have anti-aircraft artillery, but states that they never used the BUK-system. Chodakovski also explains he is happy with the actual cease-fire, because in the end ‘a victory of one of the sides will be impossible’. (…) ‘A country cannot win from itself. We fight against ourselves, that is unnatural.’

Before the fighting broke out Aleksandr Chodakovski, the commander from the pro-Russian Vostok- battalion in Donetsk, was officer at the anti-terror unit of the Ukraine army. Now he is fighting for the people's republic established ‘to defend the people here’ the people of in the east of Ukraine. Chodakovski explains that the gap between the east and the west of Ukraine is already very old. ‘The west of Ukraine was only incorporated in the Soviet Union after the Second World war. There they still have the memories of the time that they were not part of the Soviet Union or Russia’.


Aleksandr Chodakovski turns out to be very realistic about the actual situation in the east of Ukraine. To him it is clear that both parties understand that it will be impossible to solve the conflict with military means. ‘We are not strong enough to attack and Ukraine also cannot solve this with military violence, because they are at large cities like Donetsk and Loehansk. (…) The perspective of fighting in a city is very unappealing.'


On the question if the people’s republic has a future, Chodakovski answers he thinks it would be best if they will get a special status within the Ukraine. To him that would be advantageous for both sides. ‘Kiev does not have to recognize us. But we should be able to have ties with Russia. We love Europe, but we are pro-Russian.’





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