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7 November 2014
State Secretary responsible for health reforms in trouble

Over the last days the father of the State Secretary of Health Martin van Rijn, responsible for the new reforms in the Dutch  healthcare system, gave an interview about the poor care his dementing wife receives in a nursing home. The mother of the State Secretary is left along for many hours, and her husband sees himself as a caretaker inside the nursing home. He stated that he often sees the urine of his wife running down her legs.

The patient federation admits that patients do not get the care they need in more nursing homes. Especially on closed sections for demented people. There is not enough personnel and level of education is decreasing.


Part of the new health reforms, that will be introduced on 1 January 2015, is to keep elderly at home as long as possible and to close down as many elderly- and nursing homes as possible and the actual government even makes the norms much tighter in the new reforms. Early dementia will for example not be enough to get a place in a nursing home. The result is that less nursing homes are confronted with only very ill people, but personnel is often cannot handle the much more difficult task.  


Row over care for minister's mother with dementia

Health minister's father complains about care for wife with dementia





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