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7 November 2014

For the first time a citizen goes to court to fight the reforms in the Dutch health care system in 2015. It is a daughter of very old couple that are in need of care and that will lose their domestic help on the first of January. According to the daughter her parents will not be able to live independently without the seven hours of domestic help a week.

Some poorer smaller municipalities do not compensate anymore without checking if the elderly can survive without domestic help. These municipalities call upon the new legislation that says that municipalities are not responsible anymore for cleaning up for elderly people. Also a woman with rheumatism considers to go to court for the same reason.


These are the first court cases started by citizens that are angry about the new reforms in the Dutch health system that come into effect on January 1, 2015. From that moment the municipalities are responsible for long term care. Homecare for elderly will be restricted, municipalities will decide what kind of care will be reimbursed and the requirements to entre a nursing home will be much stricter.



Elderly couple challenges health care cuts in court

Row over care for minister's mother with dementia

Health minister's father complains about care for wife with dementia





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