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11 November 2014

The judgement of the European Committee for Social Rights is painful and hard to handle for State Secretary Fred Teeven. He wants the Netherlands to stay very unattractive for refugees exhausted of all legal procedures. But his main problem is electoral. Geert Wilders is portraying Teeven as someone who receives refugees happily and does not manage to get them out of the country anymore. The PVV is the largest party in the latest polls.

The judgement of the European Committee for Social Rights was very positively received by the Protestant Church and by the Dutch Council for Refugees. The Dutch municipalities indicated that they will start setting up reception centres for refugees for the night. But Teeven kept silent. His spokesperson stated that the State Secretary will await the decision process of the Committee of ministers about the bed, bath and bread.


At the moment the Dutch ministry of justice is only giving shelter to refugees that agree on cooperating in their return to their home country. In the new situation the Dutch will have to at least give shelter for the night. So a small improvement, but not a real perspective for a longer stay. Refugees will have a bed, a shower and food, but they have to live in the streets during the day. They are not allowed to work and they will not get any social security.


‘We are here’, a group of refugees exhausted of all legal procedures in Amsterdam, that is wandering from one alternative temporary shelter to the other for two years now already reacted to the new form of shelter. They prefer to stay in the cold and leaking refugee garage they are living in at the moment, instead of being hunted into the streets in the day time.


The PVV from Geert Wilders is against any refugee coming into the Netherlands. Wilders plays a smart political game by framing the way the Dutch treat refugees with the problems in the Dutch care system. One of his last tweets: ‘Europe is rapping the Netherlands knuckles about asylum seekers, but our elderly are confronted with urine running over their ankles’.


Source: De Volkskrant





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