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21 November 2014
Relive murder on JFK via your nose in the Famous Death Installation

Dutch teachers and students created the Famous Deaths Installation, a so-called smell-documentary system wherewith one can relive the approaching end of celebrities like John F. Kennedy, Colonel Kadhafi, Whitney Houston and Prince Diana. In a special coffin like box a new way of storytelling can be experienced via aromas. The system will be presented on 2 December during the congress Sense of Smell.

According to one of the initiators ‘smells are a very important human signal, but in the actual design and communication smell still plays an inferior role. While smell can directly bring back moments in one’s childhood’. In a special coffin like box the last moments of Kennedy can be relived through smells of the autumn winds in Dallas, the grass, the leather of the back seat of the limousine, the perfume of Jacky Kennedy and the smell of the exhaust pipe. The experience ends with the metallic smell of blood and gun smoke.  


The initiators of the smell-documentary system state that smells can start to play a much more important role in the future. The removal of elderly to a nursing home can be made much less radical if the new room smells of the old house.  A mobile telephone can start smelling of your loved one when she or he send a text message. Already a special ink exists that change of colour when somebody has tuberculosis or cancer and a future carton of milk can change of colour after it has gone sour.



Sense Of Smell congress

Famous Deaths Installation






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