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23 November 2014
Recovered wreckage flight MH17 transported to Kharkov, operation has ended

The recovered wreckage from flight MH17 is on its way to Kharkov. The train with wreckage on board departed from Torez this morning and has twelve train wagons. A few parts of wreckage were too big for  transport by train and arrived in Kharkov by truck yesterday. With the transport from Torez to Kharkov the MH17 recovery operation has ended.

When the wreckage has arrived in Kharkov, transportation to the Netherlands will be pre-paired. At this point it cannot be said when and in what way this transport will be carried out.

With the transport from Torez to Kharkov, last week’s recovery operation has ended. After a considerable period of planning, the actual recovery of wreckage started Sunday November 16th. In the week following as many wreckage relevant for the investigation as possible was recovered, all within the realms of possibility at the crash site. Despite the complex circumstances and local safety situation, the team was able to work as planned  under the guidance of OSCE. The team was supported by local services and the work was done in good cooperation.

Although this recovery operation has ended, there is still wreckage left at the crash site. Mostly smaller pieces of wreckage with no value for the investigation. Local services will remove those pieces of wreckage from the crash site, as the recovery team agreed upon.


Source: Dutch Safety Board






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