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24 November 2014
Stimulation of European small scale agricultural initiatives vital

The development of agricultural regions in Europe is crucial. Especially in the south of Europe the agricultural sector needs to be stimulated to revive the economy, but also to fight the exodus to the cities and to conserve nature. In total 19,6 billion Euro is available for the stimulation of agricultural initiatives, especially for agricultural start-ups of people in the larger cities that lost their job. On Thursday November 27, the European think tank Groupe de Bruges organises a debate on this topic in Amsterdam.

Recently the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been substantially reformed and with a budget of some € 373 billion for the 2014-2020 period it is the second most substantial policy of the European Union. The Groupe de Bruges, an independent network and think tank on European agricultural and rural development policies, is currently developing a comprehensive e-learning platform on the CAP: “Can EU CAP it?”. The platform centres around four key topics: 1) Future of farming; 2) Future of Rural areas; 3) Sustainable management of natural resources: 4) Food security, food safety and food quality.


In connection with the online platform four events are organised in four capital cities in Europe: 'Closing the gap on the CAP': young citizens and young farmers discuss the future of farming in the context of the new Common Agricultural Policy. The first event and kick off of the whole project is a public debate on the future of farming and will take place in Amsterdam on November 27.


The objectives of this public debate are to raise youth awareness on the role and contribution of family farming for food & nutrition security and youth/rural employment; Identify the key issues connected with the necessary generational renewal in European agriculture; Explain what Europe and Member States are doing to support the generational renewal and setting up of agricultural businesses; Engage urban citizens, and in particular urban youth, in the debate about the future of food and farming.


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