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25 November 2014

From the 1st of January 2015 part of the Dutch care is reformed and decentralised. Municipalities will be responsible for long-term care for elderly, handicapped psychiatric patients and youth, but will get less budget. For domestic help more than 30% less budget. An elderly couple in their end eighties went to court because city hall decided to stop paying for their For domestic help. The verdict is planned for December 9, 2014. Since there is many more in exactly the same situation the case is followed by many.

The elderly couple received a letter on September 30 of this year stating that their domestic help will not be paid for anymore from January 1, 2015. The decision was made by the officials without knowing anything of the conditions of life of the couple.   


Part of the reform of the care is to let elderly and sick people live at home independently as long as possible.  But this policy is also partly a budget cut. People that need care and have the means to pay for it or that have family, friends or neighbours that can help, will lose all care. A quarter of the municipalities want to scrap domestic help totally.


It is up to the judge to decide if municipalities can totally cancel domestic care without knowing anything of the living conditions. During the handling of the case the judge was aware of the importance of the case, not only for the elderly couple but for the Dutch society as a whole.

Since the legislation for the new health care reforms is only adopted by the authorities in the last few months, and since there is no trial period, it is sure the introduction of the new system will cause mayor problems for people in need and through this for many municipalities.






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