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27 November 2014
Experiment to monitor heart patients on distance huge success

Six Dutch hospitals have been taking part in an experiment to monitor heart patients on distance while they are at home. The experiment is a huge success. A lot less expensive hospital visits and very enthusiastic patients that do much better. The development is important because in the upcoming years there will be a  sharp rise in the ageing population. The number of heart patients will rise with 10% every year.


Philips created a medical system wherewith heart patients can do their own measurements. A pair of scales, blood pressure- and heart rhythm meters, that all can be read out on distance by the medical specialist. Instead the patient has to go to the hospital for a check-up every three months, she or he can now do the check every day at home.


The innovation in the treatment of heart patients is very needed, since the Netherlands counts 200.000 heart patients, and this figure will rise with 10% every year.  Since the number of these patients will increase seriously the hospitals have the responsibility to keep the cost of care controllable, more durable and to get the care closer to the patients. Only the insurers do not reimburse the costs since the treatment is preventive and the system only refunds hospital visits. A new financing scheme is set up now.


The effect of the new on-distance treatment is that the number of expensive admissions into hospitals has been decreasing with 52% and the treatments costs have decreased with 26%. Also the patients are very enthusiastic, because they do much better. Although it is not easy to be confronted with a disease every day, the fluctuations in the clinical picture are quite severe and the balance can be disturbed quite quick, so daily monitoring on distance is very important. Through this it is much easier for a patient to know when to take what medicines, which has a very positive effect. The quality of life is improved enormously. A heart disease patient: ‘A while ago I could not walk more than 50 metres without taking a break. This week I have been raking leaves for half an hour, without any problems’.



Philips Remote Patient Monitoring





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