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28 November 2014
Compensation for hatching egg producers

Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma has informed the Dutch House of Representatives that hatcheries and breeding establishments will be provided with financial compensation. These businesses have been directly affected by the far-reaching measures taken by the government to contain the bird flu virus. The extent of the compensation will be determined by appraisers from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

According to Minister Dijksma, "The entire poultry sector has been affected by the strict measures needed to tackle the bird flu virus in the Netherlands, but hatcheries and breeders have been hit particularly hard. This compensation should go some way towards offsetting the damage, even if the government is unable to cover all the losses incurred as a result of the bird flu. That is why I am making every effort to stop the virus as quickly as possible."

Compensation for the period 20 – 29 November
Hatcheries and breeding establishments will receive compensation for the hatching eggs and day-old chicks that they have not been able to place on the Dutch market during the nationwide transportation standstill and the transition to a regional approach (the ten-day period from Thursday 20 November to Saturday 29 November). The extent of the losses will be determined by an appraiser from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The hatcheries and breeding establishments affected are expected to be advised of the details of the compensation within a few weeks.

Support from Animal Health Fund
The costs of the compensation payments will be met by the Animal Health Fund, from which all control measures are being financed. Farms where precautionary clearance operations have been carried out will also receive compensation from the Animal Health Fund. This Fund is financed by contributions from the poultry industry, the Dutch government and the European Union.

Duck farms cleared as a precautionary measure
Since Monday 24 November, all poultry farms housing ducks have been tested for the presence of bird flu as a precautionary measure. Research has shown that ducks can carry the virus without exhibiting any clinical symptoms. Ducks therefore pose an additional risk to the spreading of the bird flu virus. The results from the tests at the duck farms are likely to be made available during the course of the next week.







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