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3 December 2014

Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma announced a modified raft of measures today to combat bird flu in the Netherlands. The new measures will enter into force at 00:00 CET on Thursday 4 December. After recent discovery of the highly pathogenic strain of the bird flu virus in two Eurasian widgeons, more types of wild birds are researched to find the source of the virus and the way it is infecting chickens being kept indoors.

"We’re doing everything possible to halt the spread of the virus," Minister Dijksma emphasized. "Our actions in this respect are always based on expert recommendations and the most recent data. For the sector, this means a number of far-reaching measures will remain in force. However, measures will be tailored where possible."

The recent discovery of the highly pathogenic strain of the bird flu virus in two Eurasian widgeons suggests the virus entered the Netherlands via wild ducks. Experts also concluded that the various cases of bird flu in all regions have been caused by separate sources of infection. The measures in the 10 km zones around infected farms remain in force. All restrictive measures, such as the total transport ban for all poultry, eggs, poultry manure and used litter, also remain in force in the west of the Netherlands (Region A). The hunting ban also remains in effect.

For the other regions, poultry housing units may now be repopulated and the hunting ban will be lifted. However, the ban on bird gatherings, the obligation for commercial holdings to keep poultry and other fowl indoors, and visitor controls will remain in force. Transportation vehicles will also be restricted to visiting one poultry farm per journey within the Netherlands, after which they will have to be cleaned and disinfected again. Extensive hygiene measures for poultry farms are essential to prevent the introduction of bird flu to poultry housing units. To this end, further agreements will be made with the sector on the hygiene measures to be taken.

The bird flu virus has not been detected at the other farms within a 10 km radius of the infected farm in Zouterwoude.







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