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8 December 2014

The first wreckage of MH17 will arrive Tuesday december 9th at 14.00 hours at the air force base Gilze Rijen. The convoy left Ukraine last week. The transport will arrive at the air force base at the gate at the Burgemeester Ballingweg. Due to the arrival of the wreckage the road will be closed for a short time. There will be a press area close to the gate, where the transport can be clearly viewed and filmed. The press area is accesible for journalists with a press card.

After the convoy has entered the base, the trucks will drive to the location where the investigation will take place. On the route the convoy will pass the next of kin who attend the arrival of the wreckage at the air force base. The arrival of the wreckage at the air force base will not be of a ceremonial character and those attending will not be permitted to be present during the opening or unloading of the trucks. Upon arrival at the air force base, the transport will be unloaded in accordance with a fixed protocol and all wreckage components will be photographed, scanned and categorized following a fixed procedure. The investigation of the wreckage and preparation for the reconstruction will then take place in a designated hangar cleared especially for this purpose.

Source: Dutch Safety Board

Wreckage arrives Tuesday in Netherlands





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