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15 December 2014

Minister for Agriculture Dijksma has announced yesterday that the measures to tackle bird flu will be adjusted as from 0:00 on Monday 15 December.  No new cases of bird flu have been confirmed in the past 14 days. As of Monday, the whole of the Netherlands will therefore be subject to equal measures, with the exception of the 10-kilometre surveillance zones. The division of the Netherlands into regions will cease to apply.

The ban on bird gatherings and the mandatory requirement for commercial holdings to keep poultry and other fowl indoors and isolated will remain in force.  Visitor controls at commercial poultry holdings will also continue to apply.  Furthermore, transportation vehicles are restricted to visiting one poultry farm per journey, after which they will have to be cleaned and disinfected again.

Strict hygiene measures for poultry farms will also continue to be essential in preventing the introduction of bird flu to poultry housing units. The poultry industry has also introduced stricter hygiene rules in its internal quality control systems. Compliance with these rules will be monitored intensively, with unannounced private inspections. In the unlikely event of any further outbreaks of bird flu in the Netherlands, the same strict measures that were previously in place will be reintroduced for the region in question.

The 10-kilometre surveillance zones around the infected farms in Hekendorp, Ter Aar, Kamperveen and Zoeterwoude will remain in force for 30 days after the farms were disinfected. The total transport ban for all poultry, eggs, poultry manure and used litter will also remain in effect in these zones. This transport ban will continue to apply for mixed farms which also keep poultry, as well as for the other animals at these farms and their manure. The ban on hunting, which has been lifted in the rest of the Netherlands, will also stay in force in these zones, as will the mandatory requirement for amateur keepers of poultry and other fowl to keep birds indoors and isolated.







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