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19 December 2014
Drugs monitor issues warning for dangerous Superman ‘ecstasy’ pills

This week a pill that is sold as XTC has been handed in at the Dutch Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS). The pill is pink, ‘shield-shaped’ and has a Superman logo on both sides. It contains a very high dose of PMMA which can be lethal. Dutch addiction- and medical services are informed and in the highest state of alert.

Lately DIMS has often been cautioned about the danger for this substance. PMMA may therefore occur in different other pills and powders. A DIMS list of tablets that contain PMMA can be found on the website


The difference between MDMA and PMMA is that the effects of PMMA occurs much later, giving the user the illusion to have taken a "low dose" of MDMA and to take a large dose.  Hours after a dose of PMMA severe physical effects such as increased heart rate and extremely elevated body temperature may suddenly occur. In recent years in the Netherlands and abroad several people deceased after using drugs with PMMA . Warnings for PMMA has been already addressed previously, through drug forums and relevant sites.

Users who possess these kinds of tablets can (anonymously) offer them to DIMS for analysis. See for addresses. Most test centers, however, are only open again after the Christmas vacation. The use of these tablets is strongly discouraged! Use of ecstasy is never without risk. If you do not want to run any risk, do not use any pills. Dutch addiction- and medical services are informed and in the highest state of alert.


Source:  The Trimbos Institute








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