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4 December 2014
Innovative E-Learning project in Sudan

War Child’s E-Learning project in Sudan, that enables children to learn using tablets, has been chosen by UNICEF as a showcase project in their Innovation in Education programme. This is an achievement as 160 projects were submitted worldwide, and it ensures international recognition for this innovative form of education.



In Sudan, millions of children do not attend school. The ongoing conflict has resulted in damaged buildings and poor infrastructure. Children often have to travel long distances to school and teachers do not have the proper materials to teach. The most excluded children are former child soldiers, children living on the streets, children living in remote areas, refugees and girls in particular.

Every child has the right to education. Moreover, education is essential, especially for children living in conflict-affected areas. Education provides structure, facilitates development and enhances future prospects. Learning environments offer spaces where children can be children again. Where they can play, laugh and learn.

Learning on tablets
Since 2011, War Child has been collaborating with Afhad University for Women, TNO, the Ministry of Education in Sudan, Flavour and UNICEF on E-Learning Sudan. Children learn basic skills like counting through educative games played on tablets. This form of education means even the most excluded children can be reached.

The first pilot, with 60 children, was completed in 2013 and showed positive results. Children participated in a numeracy test before and after the project, and on average their scores doubled. The second pilot, with 600 children participating, is now underway and so far it is showing similar results.  

During this second pilot the psychosocial effects of the game are also being examined. Particularly how the game contributes to processing war experiences.

Innovation for Education was established by UNICEF in order to reach children who are not able to participate in formal education. The programme offers a platform for innovations in the education field.

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