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17 April 2012
Coffee shop owners demand to stop legislation to ban foreigners Court in The Hague verdicts on April 18


On Wednesday April 18 the court in The Hague will give a verdict in a case that Dutch coffee shop owners started against the Dutch state. They want the court to stop the new legislation to ban foreigners to enter coffee shops.


Nineteen Dutch coffee shop owners started a court case against the Dutch state. They demand to immediately stop legislation that will forbid foreigners to enter Dutch coffee shops. To them there is absolutely no necessity to implement the discriminatory measures. Also many of the Dutch mayors are against the new discriminating policy from the government.


The lawyers of the coffee shops owners state that the decision of the highest court in Maastricht in 2011, that discrimination in this city was allowed, does not mean that this verdict also counts for the rest of the Netherlands. To them there is a unique and very special situation in Maastricht. They ask the court to allow local legislation exceptions. 


According to the outcome of precedent similar cases, coffee shops need to cause serious violation of the public order to be able to implement the new legislation. Since in Maastricht the violation of public order is only caused by the massiveness of soft drugs tourism, the lawyers think that consistent and active discrimination of foreigners will only be allowed when less radical measures clearly failed to maintain public order.


The lawyers asked the court to judge if the obligation of the coffee shop owner to actively discriminate will be an unlawful activity.







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