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Featurez is an Amsterdam based reportage- and documentary production company. It offers a wide variety of journalistic-, fixer and production services in the Netherlands to international TV broadcasters, newspapers, production houses, NGO's and companies.


Since 1993 Featurez gives advice on themes, toppics and approach, does in-depth research, set’s up, plans and accompanies filming, finds and purchases archive footage, arranges licenses, and books camera crews, satellite feeds, SNG vans, rental cars and hotel rooms.


When needed Featurez offers dedicated journalistic services. In close collaboration we can book a camera crew and do the production, direction and interviews for you. Or we can cover the story on our own, using high quality HD camera's and audio equipment, providing high end and complete footage. We can organise and accompany the ftp- or satellite feed, or get the well-cared-for video footage to you by courier.


Featurez also produces full reportages and documentaries. After agreement on approach, script, and budget, Featurez has all the expertise and talent in-house to produce and create high quality audio-visual footage, founding a satisfactory montage.


For over 25 years we provide everything that’s needed for the creation of TV-news, background reportages, documentaries and company films.


On the Featurez Services page you will find a brief outline of the services Featurez offers. The Productions page gives an overview of the assignments Featurez has carried out over the years. is always standing by to offer you top quality media services. If you want more information, or if you want your e-mail address added to the mailing list, do not hesitate to contact us.



ABC reporter Chris Cuomo doing live stand-up in Amsterdam. February 4, 2008  Info








Latest productions

January 2023
BBC Sctoland / MacTV
November 2022
BBC/Wall to Wall
November 2022
Artemis Media/SBS



Forced separation elderly.  Documentary NTR / &Bromet