Friday 19 December 2014
Drugs monitor issues warning for dangerous Superman ‘ecstasy’ pills

This week a pill that is sold as XTC has been handed in at the Dutch Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS). The pill is pink, ‘shield-shaped’ and has a Superman logo on both sides. It contains a very high dose of PMMA which can be lethal. Dutch addiction- and medical services are informed and in the highest state of alert.

Thursday 18 December 2014
Wilders: ‘decision to prosecute me is incomprehensible’

Today PVV leader Geert Wilders gave a reaction on the fact that the Dutch public prosecutor decided to take him to court for discrimination and encouraging hatred. He states that the decision to prosecute him is ‘incomprehensible’.

According to Wilders he spoke the truth and to him the prosecution is arranged by the elite.

Monday 15 December 2014

Minister for Agriculture Dijksma has announced yesterday that the measures to tackle bird flu will be adjusted as from 0:00 on Monday 15 December.  No new cases of bird flu have been confirmed in the past 14 days. As of Monday, the whole of the Netherlands will therefore be subject to equal measures, with the exception of the 10-kilometre surveillance zones. The division of the Netherlands into regions will cease to apply.

Sunday 14 December 2014
New urban production, the 3d industrial revolution

Production is returning to cities. Not the polluting old school industry, but small businesses producing local goods like bikes, beer, furniture from wood from local trees. At home, in 3d print shops or in fabrication labs. Especially companies that use new digital technology like 3D printing are booming. Some say urban manufacturing is the third industrial revolution. The city of Amsterdam started to stimulate the local trade and crafts economy.

Monday 8 December 2014
Wilders interrogated by Dutch State Police

Today, Dutch parliamentarian and PVV leader Geert Wilders was interrogated by the Dutch State Police on behalf of the Dutch Public Prosecutor who is considering to prosecute Wilders because the politician had asked his voters during the election campaign whether they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. After the interrogation he made a statement. With this the full statement.

Monday 8 December 2014

The first wreckage of MH17 will arrive Tuesday december 9th at 14.00 hours at the air force base Gilze Rijen. The convoy left Ukraine last week. The transport will arrive at the air force base at the gate at the Burgemeester Ballingweg. Due to the arrival of the wreckage the road will be closed for a short time. There will be a press area close to the gate, where the transport can be clearly viewed and filmed. The press area is accesible for journalists with a press card.

Sunday 7 December 2014
The Fungus Dinner, turning plastics into food

Last week two Austrian designers gave the first presentation of their project Fungi Mutarium, or the Fungus Dinner, at the MU arts centre in Eindhoven. Together with the University of Utrecht they developed a technique that can make food from plastic waste. The initiators think that with the growing threats of food shortage the world could profit from a durable revolution. The presentation is part of the exhibition Matter of Life, Growing new Bio Art & Design.

Saturday 6 December 2014

The first MH17 wreckage is set to arrive in the Netherlands tomorrow, or latest Tuesday. The first transport to the Netherlands comprises several sealed trucks and two covered low-loaders. Upon arrival at the air force base Gilze-Rijen, the transport will be unloaded in accordance with a fixed protocol and all wreckage components will be photographed, scanned and categorized following a fixed procedure. Next of kin who wish to do so may attend the arrival of the first wreckage.

Thursday 4 December 2014
AkzoNobel and partners investigating production of plastics from sugar beets

AkzoNobel has joined forces with different partners to investigate the possibility of producing chemicals from beet-derived sugar feedstock. The lactic acid in sugar beet can be used to produce bio plastics. After Coca Cola announced that it is working on a 'Plant Bottle' and the EU will lift the quotum on sugar in 2017, the Dutch are developing plastics that are totally based on sugar beet.

Thursday 4 December 2014
Innovative E-Learning project in Sudan

War Child’s E-Learning project in Sudan, that enables children to learn using tablets, has been chosen by UNICEF as a showcase project in their Innovation in Education programme. This is an achievement as 160 projects were submitted worldwide, and it ensures international recognition for this innovative form of education.



Wednesday 3 December 2014

Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma announced a modified raft of measures today to combat bird flu in the Netherlands. The new measures will enter into force at 00:00 CET on Thursday 4 December. After recent discovery of the highly pathogenic strain of the bird flu virus in two Eurasian widgeons, more types of wild birds are researched to find the source of the virus and the way it is infecting chickens being kept indoors.

Monday 1 December 2014
Controversy in Holland over whether Black Pete is racist

This coming Friday night Saint Nicholas will be celebrated again with the giving of gifts to children in the Netherlands, and on the morning of 6 December, Saint Nicholas Day itself, in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Northern France. He is also well known in territories of the former Dutch Empire, including Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao. But since a few years the festivety is landing on the naughty list for some in the Netherlands, who say his Black Pete sidekick is a racist throwback to the colonial era.