29 February 2012
Dutch launch mobile euthanasia teams
Euthanasia carried out for patients whose own doctors refuse to do so



27 February 2012
Greenpeace seizes Shell test drilling ship
Fear for environmental oil leak catastrophe North Pole



24 February 2012
Pirate Bay blockade campaign continues

Dutch phone firms face court



23 February 2012
Plan economists to fight 600 billion Dutch mortgage debt
Reform needed to fight falling house prices



21 February 2012
More liquid cocaine being smuggled into Netherlands
Drug can be dissolved in liquids; travellers easily tricked



19 February 2012
Orthodox Jew cleared of failing to carry ID
Against religious principles to carry any object during sabbat



16 February 2012
EU call on Dutch to explain Pole-bashing
Prime minister needs to explain his 'deafening silence'



14 February 2012
New inquiry into Catholic abuse in Netherlands
Position of girls and women not covered thoroughly enough



12 February 2012
Self-help film gives instructions on euthanasia
Self-help methods are becoming less of a taboo



8 February 2012
PVV launches site for complaints about Poles
PVV site: 'Eastern Europeans increasingly criminal'



6 February 2012
Growing support for children’s amnesty
25 local councils expressed support for amnesty underage asylum seekers



2 February 2012
Romanian president slams Netherlands again
Accusement of 'abuse' and blocking membership on false pretences