29 January 2012
Minister wants Dutch burqa ban enforced
National Police Union: 'There is no need for a burqa ban'
24 January 2012
New Schmallenberg outbreak in Netherlands
Deputy Minister : 'difficult financial setback and an emotional issue'
22 January 2012
Socialists now biggest Dutch party
Support for Geert Wilders party continues to dwindle
19 January 2012
'Pray the gay away' therapy covered by insurance
Therapy designed to help homosexuals suppress their sexuality
17 January 2012
Dutch firm ready to pump Italy wreck fuel within a day
2,380 tonnes of fuel and 200 tonnes of diesel to be pumped out
13 January 2012
Prime minister defends queen'sheadscarf remark
Queen is right to say Geert Wilders is talking nonsense
12 January 2012
Dutch teen sailor closing in on record
Youngest person to solo-circumnavigate the globe
10 January 2012
Dutch ban Somali drug khat
'Use problematic among some 10% khat users'
9 January 2012
Is floating houses the solution to rising water levels?
One of the measures to make river areas safer
4 January 2012
Northern Dutch provinces flood polders
To deal with excessive rainfall