30 January 2013
Growing concerns over earthquakes caused by gas drilling
Earthquakes more frequent and more intense



29 January 2013
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to abdicate throne for son
Responsibility for nation now lies in the hands of new generation



28 January 2013
Minister: Netherlands badly prepared against floods
If hit by a super storm, the Dutch are not as safe as they think they are



24 January 2013
Multinationals & French state companies use Dutch tax deals
Multinationals pushed at least €57bn through the Netherlands in 2011



22 January 2013
Calls for parliamentary enquiry into high-speed train project
Fyra named biggest railway chaos on one track ever



14 January 2013
Test trail on Dutch ban local public soft drugs use
18 suspects have to appear in a Rotterdam court this week



7 January 2013
NATO begins deploying Patriot missiles in Turkey
Dutch move Patriot batteries to harbour for transport to Turkey