29 January 2014
Dutch Jihadist in Syria speaks on TV
Former Dutch soldier firmly rejects interest in returning home to carry out terrorist attacks



27 January 2014
Netherlands kicks off 'to do' list campaign for Brussels
70 EU top officials discuss plans to rein infulence EU



22 January 2014
Wilders won't say if Le Pen senior can join EU alliance
Le Pen Sr. remains honorary chairman and leads campaign



17 January 2014
Dutch business leaders slam cabinet policies
Business leaders: 'cabinet is failing to tackle the crisis'



13 January 2014
Justice ministry wants prisoners to pay for their time in jail
Offenders' Association: 'plan is against European human rights'



9 January 2014
More short-term unemployment benefits in 2013
Growing number of flexible work plays a part



6 January 2014
Europe’s Tea Parties

Insurgent parties are likely to do better in 2014 than at any time since the second world war