26 June 2013
Maastricht coffee shops guilty of selling drugs to tourists
Most Dutch cities do not apply new legislation banning nonresidents



21 June 2013
House prices continue to fall
Prices have gone down 20.5% compared with August 2008



17 June 2013
Dutch jihadists in Syria miss mothers' cooking most of all
Dutch fight with 'brothers from Belgium, Germany, Canada and Russia'



14 June 2013
Amsterdam ranked 13th in competitiveness report
Competitiveness reflected in ability to attract new foreign businesses



10 June 2013
Ex-prime minister:'Dutch still store US nukes'
'I would never have thought those silly things would still be there'



5 June 2013
State ordered to compensate cannabis cafe owners for lost income
Local cannabis users unwilling to register



3 June 2013
The Netherlands will set aside Brussels' 2.8% budget deficit call
Rutte:'The effort to meet 3% will be hard enough'