30 March 2012
Dutch hire fewer Romanians and Bulgarians
Minister urged gardners to employ more temporary workers who do not need work permit



27 March 2012
Parliament rejects anti-immigrant website
Lower House states PVV website unnecessarily discriminates group



23 March 2012
Poland blossoms at Keukenhof 2012
Poland is a central theme during contoversy about anti Pole website



20 March 2012
Dutch PM rejects calls for new elections
Government loses majority because PVV MP resigns



19 March 2012
Inspectorate church knew about forced castrations
Minutes show castration was openly discussed



16 March 2012
Amsterdam losing favour with tourists
Most expensive hotels,  Red Light District cleaned up and foreigners banned from coffeeshops



12 March 2012
Maastricht coffee shop owners to court to stop pass system
Banning non-Dutch residents is considered as discrimination



9 March 2012
Dutch don't want the guilder back
61 percent of the Dutch would reject PVV plan



6 March 2012
Will the Dutch cabinet survive budget talks?
The very survival of Rutte's cabinet is at stake



2 March 2012
Dutch coalition backs total ban on hashish
New step in ending the famous soft drugs toleration model