28 March 2013



26 March 2013
Inauguration king Willem-Alexander to cost state €5m
1,100 journalists expected to attend the festivities



22 March 2013
Dutch expertise to help limit impact of water disasters
In 2050 two billion people will be living in areas liable to flooding



20 March 2013
Dutch-Moroccan dies fighting in Syria
More Dutch seem to travel to Syria to help and fight



18 March 2013
Diplomatic row over lesbian foster family for Turkish boy
Demonstration planned during visit Turkish prime minister



12 March 2013
Pension funds prepared to invest in mortgages
‘Pension funds get higher return, state takes no risks & banks have lower costs’



6 March 2013
Finance minister sets up inquiry into SNS Reaal collapse
Not clear why central bank agreed SNS taking over property company?



1 March 2013
Rwandan woman first ever Dutch genocide convict
6.8 years for war crimes and genocide perpetration