29 May 2013
Illegal immigrants are in custody too long
People awaiting deportation have gone on hunger strike



24 May 2013
Four arrested in Maastricht coffee shop raids
Ban foreign coffee shop clients executed in Maastricht, while Amsterdam ignores it



21 May 2013
Use of party drug GHB rising dramatically
The ‘new heroine’ is easy to make, very cheap, extremely addictive and often deadly



16 May 2013



14 May 2013
Minister: free movement of people in EU is a problem
‘Replacement' of Dutch workers by cheaper foreign staff on EU agenda



13 May 2013



8 May 2013
Shocks loom for thousands with investment mortgages
Economic downturn means lower returns than expected



6 May 2013
Experts: cut the number of benefits to combat fraud
Diversity of social benefits make it difficult to spot fraud