30 September 2013
Chemical watchdog OPCW adopts Syrian disarmament plan
Inspections will start no later than October 1



25 September 2013
Brussels warns for shortage Dutch skilled technicians
Shortages becoming increasing concern and potential barrier to growth



23 September 2013
Demonstrations foregoing first debate on 2014 budget
Rutte believes people understand new round of austerity measures



18 September 2013
Dutch King declares the end of the welfare state
People must take responsibility and create their own safety nets



16 September 2013
Le Pen wants to campaign with Dutch far-right
'The current system has a lot to lose if our movements work together'



11 September 2013
Utrecht presses ahead with 'legal' cannabis experiments
A private cultivation club and marijuana supply to psychiatric patients



9 September 2013
EU too easy on migration problem?
Kroes: 'Are we really going to say no to skilled workers because they are from another country?'



5 September 2013
Multinationals avoid Dutch tax evasion inquiry panel
Amazon, Ikea and Starbucks refused to appear before committee