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Featurez is constantly screening the Dutch media and society for interesting subjects to cover. Articles and links on actual issues and long-lasting themes are regularly published on Twitter and this internet site. If you want to receive exclusive Dutch Featurez story proposals by e-mail, please send a request to, so your mail address can be added to the mailing list.



In a direct and personal way Featurez gathers complete background information on practically any topic.The fundament for a high-quality reportage- and documentary production is created in offering in-depth information and in finding the right approach, storyline, interviewees and locations. Besides this Featurez offers a wide variety of practical services like booking camera crews and hotel rooms, organising camera- and lighting rental equipment, researching and supplying archive footage, organising permission for filming, arranging SNG-services, organising satellite-, FTP feeds and location licences.



After an okay on the approach Featurez sets up and plans your filming days from minute to minute. The progress on the set-up will be reported to you regularly, rounded up with a sound and extensive 'Featurez Filming Agenda' with all times, needed data and information.



Featurez offers dedicated and all-round accompaniment. We take care that filming happens smoothly, and that both crew and people in the field are happy. We can drive your car, give advise, interpret and translate, do Dutch interviews when necessary, and 'shoot the trouble' when needed. Apart from this (post) story production gets special attention by informing the story contacts on progress, broadcasting dates, and sending around video links or DVD's with the final product.



In close collaboration Featurez can book a high- quality camera crew and direct the reportage for you, including news- or in-depth interviews. The progress on the set-up will be reported to you regularly and the complete and well-cared-for 'footage' will be delivered to you via FTP- or satellite- feed accompanied with all the needed story data and -information, and translations when needed.



Featurez can also provide you with complete digital video footage, filmed and recorded with high quality high definition video- and audio equipment. By working alone as a filming journalist, production costs are reduced considerably and stories can be covered in an intimate and direct way. Reportage, interviews, interiors, exteriors, total views, close-ups cutting shots, pans and tilts; in close collaboration a wide variety of beautiful footage will be delivered to you, including extensive background information.



To complete the package Featurez produces full reportages and documentaries. After agreement on budget, approach and script, Featurez has all the expertise and talent in-house to produce and create high quality audio-visual footage, founding a satisfactory montage. Working with a variety of the best camera people, sound engineers and editors, we can assure you a tailor made and high quality end product. is always standing by to offer you top quality media services. If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us.








Latest productions

January 2023
BBC Sctoland / MacTV
November 2022
BBC/Wall to Wall
November 2022
Artemis Media/SBS





The increase of coaine smuggling. ARD Weltspiegel